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Pros and MFU Zines For Sale

In anticipation of a house move sometime this year, I've reluctantly taken the decision to part company with some of my zines.

I have the following zines for sale - prices do not include postage, which will vary according to size and weight of individual zines. I will combine postage if multiple zines are purchased and I'm more than happy to post overseas.

Zines marked "as new" were purchased by me from the publisher and are in pristine condition.

Zines marked "photocopy" are comb-bound, no loose pages.

Please comment here if you wish to purchase any of the zines, or alternatively you can contact me at

Pros -

Cat Tales £8
Diamyien £10
Down Under Express 1 £5
Down Under Express 3 £5
Down Under Express 6 £5
Down Under Express 8 £5
Professional Dreamer (photocopy) £5
Second Variation on the Theme of B & D (as new, unread) £15


A Matter of Trust (photocopy) £5
An Eternal Flame: Book 1 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £15
Compromising Positions £8
Dark Encounters £5
Exposures 1 £8
Exposures 2 £5
Man From U.N.C.L.E. Fanzine £5
Medieval Fantasy (as new, only read once) £15
Old World Affair £10
Rain At Dawn: Book 3 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £15
The Long Shadows Cast: Book 2 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £15
The Perfect Affair £10
U.N.C.L.E. Affairs £8
Worlds Enough 2 (as new, only read once) £15


Battle of Hope – CSI Miami, Company Business, MFU, Sentinel, Pros, Smallville, Quantum Leap, Due South, Original M/M fic (as new, only read once) £15

Cohorts 3 – Archie, Babylon 5, Chief/Pros, Due South, Rawhide, X Men, Pros/Muppets, MFU, Seaquest, Highlander, Gargoyles, Sherlock Holmes, Garfield, UFO £8

On The Double 33 Apr-Jul 95 (adzine) £2
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