digitalwave (digitalwave) wrote in fandom_swap,

New Stuff for Sale...

Still fighting my most recent lupus flareup. That's really made my getting more stuff posted for sale a challenge. No new list for here yet but I have been steadily plodding my way through getting stuff posted for sale on Ebay. Who knew it would take so long to rebag 10 years worth of Avengers vol 1 comics!

When I sell my comics I always like to send them to their new homes with fresh plastic sleeves and backing boards. Silly as it seems it's kind of like sending my children away from home in their best clothes. Some of these comics are over 30 years old and I've cherished them all this time. Just because I have to sell them it doesn't mean I don't still love them and want to send them on their way as protected as I can. I've also posted some fan stuff, fanzines, paperbacks, etc, with more to come as I can deal with them.

If anyone would like to take a look, you can find them here:
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