Trepkos (trepkos) wrote in fandom_swap,

DVDs to swap or sell

Region 2
Avatar: 1 disc
Season 1 vol. 2 of Glee: Road to Regionals
Cut for age 15 and 18 films.

Let the Right One In (1 disc)
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (1 disc)
Sweeny Todd, with Johnny Depp (1 disc)
Repo! The Genetic Opera (1 disc)
Our Paradise (1 disc) - French film about two gay hustlers. Lots of sex in it, and violence, but I didn't like it!

Also, a Monty Python tee-shirt with "Nudge Nudge" on it; will photograph if you are interested.

In exchange I would like (2nd hand, but in good condition) any Alexei Sayle, Fast Show, Next Gen, Life on Mars, New Statesman, Bottom, Soap.
Otherwise, make me an offer including postage from the UK.
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