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Tis the Season...

Hi guys! This note is to announce that Wish List is now officially open for its yearly, wonderful, holiday business!

Once again it's been such a hard year for so many of us to get through; health problems, job loss, the loss of loved ones, unbelievable pounding by rl problems like we've never seen before. That's why someplace like this is needed, now more than ever. We need to reach out to one another. If you have a need, post it. If you know of a friend who is having a rough time of it, and needs those extra hugs and help that only fandom can give, tell us about them. We're all here and ready to listen. I promise, we'll help in any way we can.

Also, don't forget, all of you who do crafts, make jewelry, have things to sell, give away or trade, Dusty Corners is a great place to have them be seen. Post links to your Esty stores if you have them, let us know if you've posted things for sell on EBay or one of the other auction sites. With the holidays coming up people are starting to think about buying presents for friends and family and I'd love for them to want to buy from you. Plus, if there's a charity you'd like to help, post those links there, too.

Pass the word along about the two comms being open, get your Wish Lists posted. If you see someone on your fl make a needs post who isn't on Wish List, send them over to the comm. The more their wishes are seen, the better chance there is that someone may be able to grant them. Let's all try to make this holiday one of the best ones ever for one another! :)

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