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Tis the Season don't you know...

Guys, don't forget to get your lists posted to wish_list. Also, look around, see if there are things you might be able to help with. No matter how small it may seem to you, it will help bring happiness, and help, to someone else in need. That's always a very good thing. I love seeing all the activity on the comm. I'm really hoping that we can help make each others holidays brighter, make them a happier place to be. That's what I want most for the comm.

wish_list is now a year round, active site, it's not just for the holidays any more. Is there someone in your life that needs help? Does someone you know need food, clothes, help with paying for their rent or meds? Is there someone you know who is lonely, or sick? If there are things you could use, or would make you smile, post about it. What you need may just be sitting around someone else's house gathering dust. Don't be afraid to ask for help, we've all been there. wish_list is your space, use it! Make it a powerful tool that we can wield for one another.

Plus, don't forget, we've got a sister site, too. It's called dusty_corners. Are there lots of things you need to shed but they're too nice to throw away? Do you make beautiful jewelry, or amazing crafted things, that you'd like to sell? Are your clothes, zines, comics, books, toys or other fannish things taking over every corner of your home? Do you need to raise money to help you make ends meet? Are there items you'd like to trade, things you'd like to give away? Are there auctions for charity you'd like to run? That's all welcome too. If so, then post them at dusty_corners. Send them back out into the world where someone else can love and cherish them. I know that there are things that you might not need any more that would be a true blessing to someone else. Especially this time of year.

Everyone needs someone to lean on from time to time. I honestly believe that we can be that safe haven for each other. Spread the word out to other groups, or on your journals, send people there if they need help. Pass the word around, post your lists. Don't forget, both comm is open for any one to post to. You're never required to join, though, if you choose to, we're always happy to have you.

Please, pass this post around to your friends, I'd love for us to spread the word as far as we possibly can. Most of all, remember, smiles and virtual hugs are free. I know first-hand that they always help. :)

*hugs you hard*
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Comics for Sale...

Hi guys! This is everything I have posted right now, there will be more to come:

Alex Ross Jim Krueger
2) NAUSICAA of the VALLEY of WIND Part Four #1-5 (1st Prints) NM 1994 OOP
Includes 23 1/2"x 30" Nausicaa Folded Promo Poster
3) Gotham Central #1-40 VF/NM ED BRUBAKER & GREG RUCKA 2003 (57 books total)
Includes Officer Down & The Spectre mini series!
4) EXILES MARVEL COMICS X-MEN #1-12 Plus Extras VF/NM 2001
6) SCENE OF THE CRIME #1-4 VERTIGO DC Ed Brubaker/Michae​l Lark 1999
Still new in box, never assembled!

You can find them here:

Tis the Season

Tis the Season...

Hi guys! This note is to announce that Wish List is now officially open for its yearly, wonderful, holiday business!

Once again it's been such a hard year for so many of us to get through; health problems, job loss, the loss of loved ones, unbelievable pounding by rl problems like we've never seen before. That's why someplace like this is needed, now more than ever. We need to reach out to one another. If you have a need, post it. If you know of a friend who is having a rough time of it, and needs those extra hugs and help that only fandom can give, tell us about them. We're all here and ready to listen. I promise, we'll help in any way we can.

Also, don't forget, all of you who do crafts, make jewelry, have things to sell, give away or trade, Dusty Corners is a great place to have them be seen. Post links to your Esty stores if you have them, let us know if you've posted things for sell on EBay or one of the other auction sites. With the holidays coming up people are starting to think about buying presents for friends and family and I'd love for them to want to buy from you. Plus, if there's a charity you'd like to help, post those links there, too.

Pass the word along about the two comms being open, get your Wish Lists posted. If you see someone on your fl make a needs post who isn't on Wish List, send them over to the comm. The more their wishes are seen, the better chance there is that someone may be able to grant them. Let's all try to make this holiday one of the best ones ever for one another! :)

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Man From UNCLE Slash Zines For Sale

I'm sadly having to downsize my collection of zines and I have the following for sale -

Man From UNCLE (all slash) –

A Matter of Trust (photocopy) £5
An Eternal Flame: Book 1 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £10
Compromising Positions £8
Dark Encounters £5
Exposures 1 £8
A Fine Line £5
Medieval Fantasy (as new, only read once) £10
Old World Affair £8
Rain At Dawn: Book 3 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £10
The Long Shadows Cast: Book 2 of A Trackless Domain (as new, only read once) £10
The Perfect Affair £8

Multimedia (all slash) –

Battle of Hope – CSI Miami, Company Business, MFU, Sentinel, Pros, Smallville, Quantum Leap, Due South, Original M/M fic (as new, only read once) £10

Cohorts 3 – Archie, Babylon 5, Chief/Pros, Due South, Rawhide, X Men, Pros/Muppets, MFU, Seaquest, Highlander, Gargoyles, Sherlock Holmes, Garfield, UFO £8

On The Double 33 Apr-Jul 95 (adzine) £2

Prices do not include postage. I am in the UK but will happily post overseas. I can be paid by PayPal.

Please comment here if interested, or alternatively I can be contacted at
Money by Noaluvjames
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DVDs to swap or sell

Region 2
Avatar: 1 disc
Season 1 vol. 2 of Glee: Road to Regionals
Cut for age 15 and 18 films.
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Also, a Monty Python tee-shirt with "Nudge Nudge" on it; will photograph if you are interested.

In exchange I would like (2nd hand, but in good condition) any Alexei Sayle, Fast Show, Next Gen, Life on Mars, New Statesman, Bottom, Soap.
Otherwise, make me an offer including postage from the UK.
Eisha - Pounce!

New Stuff for Sale...

Still fighting my most recent lupus flareup. That's really made my getting more stuff posted for sale a challenge. No new list for here yet but I have been steadily plodding my way through getting stuff posted for sale on Ebay. Who knew it would take so long to rebag 10 years worth of Avengers vol 1 comics!

When I sell my comics I always like to send them to their new homes with fresh plastic sleeves and backing boards. Silly as it seems it's kind of like sending my children away from home in their best clothes. Some of these comics are over 30 years old and I've cherished them all this time. Just because I have to sell them it doesn't mean I don't still love them and want to send them on their way as protected as I can. I've also posted some fan stuff, fanzines, paperbacks, etc, with more to come as I can deal with them.

If anyone would like to take a look, you can find them here: