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The Live Journal Fandom Trading Post

Live Journal Fandom Swap-Shop
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This community is made for fans of all different fandoms to come and trade/swap/sell fandom items with other fans! Sound good? Cool! I approve automatically if I see your journal has entries. If your journal is empty, I'll send you a personal message just to make sure you're a real person :D

Here are the rules:

1. Never, under any circumstances, post your address or any account information in this community! If you want to work out a trade with someone or arrange for payment, do the finalization through email.

2. The moderator is not responsible for any fraudulent activity during trading/selling between other members.

3. If you see something another member has posted for trade or sale, you leave a comment for that post.

4. No accusations or flaming allowed in this community. If you think something being offered is fake, then don't ask to buy or trade for it, it's that simple.

5. If you want to post photos of your items, you *must* do so behind an LJ cut! Also, if you have a list exceeding say, 300 words, or descriptions exceeding 300 words, please use a cut!

6. If the item(s) you are offering for sale or trade are of adult nature or slash, please put them behind a warning cut!

Got all that? Good! Any breaking of these rules more than twice will result in you being banned. Have fun trading and selling! ~_^